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High Holidays 5777

High Holidays 5777

High Holidays
at Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens
The prayers are warm. The melodies are timeless. The people are friendly. The kids have a program. And everyone feels at home. Welcome to high holiday services at Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens. Where we already saved you a seat.

Services are conducted in English and Hebrew, with simultaneous insights and explanations into the prayers, practices & rituals. Special children’s holiday program & service
If you cannot afford the tickets, please call the office at 561-624-2223 or email  Office@JewishGardens.com and we will make an arrangement that works for you. No one will be turned away and this remains completely confidential.
Service Schedule
Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens: 6100 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Rosh Hashanah Night - Sunday, October 2
Light Candles: 6:47pm
Evening Services: 6:45pm - Followed by Apple and Honey Kiddush
Rosh Hashanah Day 1 - Monday, October 3
Morning Services: 9:30am
Sermon & Shofar Sounding: 11:30am
Kiddush: 1:15pm
Tashlich Waterside Service, Departs from Chabad: 5:45pm
Evening Services: 6:45pm
Light Candles after 7:39pm
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 - Tuesday, October 3
Morning Services: 9:30am
Sermon & Shofar Sounding: 11:30am
Kiddush: 1:15pm
Holiday Ends at 7:37pm
Yom Kippur Night - Tuesday, October 11
Light Candles & Fast Begins at 6:38pm
Kol Nidrei Services: 6:45pm
Yom Kippur Day - Wednesday 12

Morning Services: 9:00am
Sermon & Yizkor Memorial Service: 11:45am
Afternoon Service: 5:15pm
Sermon: 6:15pm
Neilah Closing Service: 6:30pm
Fast Ends at 7:29pm
Followed by Break the Fast Spread