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Unconditional Love


What Matters Most

The Kabbalistic Secret to Wealth 


A Taste of the Schmooze:  

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Live Call: How could G‑d allow the Holocaust to happen?!
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What inspired Rabbi Dovid Vigler to become a rebbe?

Today Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson took over the leadership of the Lubavitch movement, Soon Lubavitch institutions and activities took on new dimensions. The outreaching philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch was translated into ever greater action, as Lubavitch centers and Chabad Houses were opened in dozens of cities and university campuses around the world. He taught that this world is the focus of creation.

The death of Ariel Sharon and his impact on Israeli Politics. His impact militarily as well.

Israel’s indomitable protector, Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics

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The trees were being planted friday at the new shul. The coiincidence with Tu Bishvat.

Rabbi's guest today, staff director of the three last house and senate committees, Franklin Silby. Mr Silby's impression of Ariel Sharon. Looking at the impact of his leadership on today, as well as the US politics with Israel. The US would like Israeli concessions today. Senator Kerry's approach and leverage in the Middle East has been reduced as he tries to fulfil his administrations goals in the Middle East. European Betrayal of Israel.

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What are you? What is your essence? What is your identity? How important is your identity as a jew? How do we define ourselves? We need to identify ourselves regardless of our environment. Our upcoming education course "to be a jew in the free world" - consider our history and how our identity as Jews has been affected over time..

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The rabbi and his brother discuss the bris of Rabbi's new baby Zeev, and his covenant with hashem on the 8th day of his life!

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Joseph and Nelson Mandela - Foregiveness

Joseph - He tests to see whether they would abandon Benjamin as they abandoned him. He then shows mercy and shows forgiveness, and takes care of his brothers and his father.

He exhibits the extraordinary quality to forgive those who deliberately wronged him just like Nelson Mandela who passed away, but during his lifetime showed amazing mercy and forgiveness upon his release from prison in 1990.

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Why do we light 8 candles on Chanukah? The Greeks defiled all the oil and there was a single pitcher of oil that lasted 8 days - the number eight is kabbalistically - infinity. Eight represents something supernatural. Beyond intellect is G‑d.  Why is Joseph or Moses not a forefather - Find out more here..

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Thanksgiving - A time when the Europeans came and had to learn to adapt ~ Gratitude to Almighty to farm land and draw sustenance from it

Chanukah - Its significance to us, as well as its deep Kabbalistic significance..

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Some of the toughest decisions we face are dealing with our loved ones at their last days and months. American Law is quite clear about 'pulling the plug and even physician assisted suicide (!), but what does Jewish Law have to say about end of life care?

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This week we talk about the International Chabad Convention 2013 in New York attended by Rabbi Vigler and Mitch Zachary.

Chabad - What it means..

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Part 1:

Interview with Rabbi Abraham Korf, Head Chabad Rabbi for the State of Florida with 157 Centers under his leadership. Learnw hat happened when Hurricane Anderw was headed straight towards Miami Beach but the Rebbe told them not to leave, despite the please from the Giovernor and the Police....

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Part 2:

Interview with Dr. Arlene Bearman, Former Chairwoman of the Israel Project, talking about bias against Israel in the media and what we can do about it.

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This week a discussion about the upcoming course: Life in the Balance - A Course about medical ethics. 

This week's torah portion..Lot's family's fate

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Isaac is the first person to be circumsized at 8 days old. Isaac is the chosen offspring  because his relationship with G‑d is established before he can think and question it, an  unconditional faith that defies logic. Find out more in this Schmooze and also listen to a preview of Danieli, an opera tenor, who will perform live at the Kravis Center on November 2nd.

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Did you swear never to return to temple after your bat our bar mitzvah?

New York Times reports a reform trend to replace religious services with social programming for bar and bay mitzvahs.

A lively debate on what's more important: tradition vs practicality.
Should we change the tradition to be more practical or should we remain loyal to the tradition always ? 

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Reconciling the story of creation with science

Tune into the Rabbi and the CEO as they face off on Dinosaurs, The Age of of the World and much more

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Part 1 

Practical Lessons from the Yom Kippur War- fought 40 years ago today in Israel and how it's incredible victory teaches us how we can secure a stronger Jewish future today!

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Part 2

Interesting and Relevant Insights on the Upcoming Holiday of Sukkos

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Part 1

Schmoozing on the US Invasion of Syria: brilliant or bound to fail?

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Part 2

Interesting tidbits and customs of Rosh Hashana 

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Part 1

What's the problem with saying 4 letter words?
and what's it got to do with Rosh Hashana?

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Part 2

Why would a life long democrat turn republican?!

Insightful analysis of current political affairs in the middle east with Capitol Hill Veteran, Franklin R. Silbey

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Segment one: Christians want to know why Jews no longer offer sacrifices.

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Second segment: do dogs go to heaven? What does the Torah have to say? 

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The Rebbe's Resting place in NYC- why thousands of people fly in from all over the world every month for a brief visit of a few minutes.

Kosher Cheeseburgers?! A technological breakthrough this week, 'created' meat in a testube! Is this meat or Parev? Does it need ritual slaughter? a fascinating discussion in the evolution of Jewish Law. Discover how the ancient Talmud addresses exactly this case 2000 years ago and it's interesting ruling on such meat that's 'not from a living animal'.

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A visit to ancient Jewish Prague and her legends, discussing the spiritual tests of wealth and poverty and how G‑d tests us today 

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Finding Faith in times of illness and tragedy, powerful interview with Rabbi Avraham Vigler of Johannesburg South Afria who recently experienced a medical miracle.

Second Segment:  Reflections on Jewish life in the Baltics:  an interview with Irv Sparage and Odette Schwartz who just returned from a cruise


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Broadcasting Live from Syria, Rabbi Vigler talks about his experiences on the Israel- Syria border at this time of civil war and shares fascinating insights about this extraordinary piece of land.

Torah views on Father's Day with Rabbi Levi Friedman from Chabad of FIU 

A heart for the hurting: an interview with Rabbi Mendel Dechter-Director of the Friendship Circle Miami- caring for kids with special needs

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What do Jews believe about life after death- a down to earth conversation about the existence and nature of the soul

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 Finding faith after the tornado in Oklahoma- jam packed with callers both sides of the spectrum
We conclude the show with an interesting discussion about proof of  G-D's existence.

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Religious Jews not serving in the Israeli army?!
Religious Jews throwing stones at cars on Shabbos??
A spirited conversation with Judith and Michael Wolov- who just returned from a trip to Israel

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Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2011

Interview with Ron Bruder, founder of Education for Employment, an organization that trains, educates and finds employment for at risk and underprivileged youth in the Arab Middle East including Gaza, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen and the West Bank.

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A behind the scenes visit to Israel with Dr Rob and Jan Burke who tell us about their recent trip to Poland and Israel as VIP guests of the Israel Defense Forces- these are things an average tourist to Israel would never see 

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What is Kaballah? Its revolution in spirituality.

The Kabbalistic secret of how to love your fellow human being as much as yourself.

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Spiritual and political Reflections on the Boston Marathon Bombings with Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein.

-Why do Observant Jews tend to lean more to republican politics?
-What having a large family says about your perspective on life

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  • Interesting charity trends that accountants see before April 15th
  • The ethics of organ donation
  • defining the miracle of the state of Israel 

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Movie review:

“A serious man”, by the Cohen Brothers. Nominated for an academy award in 2009, the movie is a dark comedy of a man whose life is falling apart - his marriage, his kids, his promotion and his sanity. Desperate for some spiritual guidance, he tries to meet the three community rabbis, but alas, each one is more disappointing than the next.

In this week’s show we discuss how a Chabad Rabbis approach differs to those in the movie-

Also - last segment:

Why do we need to keep kosher today when we have refrigeration and government oversight?

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When Easter and Passover coincide, everyone wants to know what Jews have to say about Jesus?! After all, he was born a Jew!

Struggling with monogamy?

In the second half of the show, we explore the deep and profound lessons to be learned from the mystical Splitting of the Red Sea, which we celebrate at th end of Passover. The key to find inner happiness...

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Should you apologize to someone when you know that you did nothing wrong?

What did Israel's Chief Rabbi Lau say to President Obama that made him wipe a tear from his face?

Passover 101 - do's and don'ts of Passover.  What's the story with rice on Passover and why are we always fighting about it?

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The Key to making your Passover Seder relevant and meaningful

A Kabbilistic secret so simple, but it can change your life!

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A closer look at The Orthodox Jewish Community

  • The problem with the word 'Orthodox'
  • Why the orthodox are nothing like the Amish
  • Are Orthodox Marriages arranged?
  • A brilliant analogy from piano playing illustrating the freedom within an observant lifestyle
  • A kabbalistic insight about love and its popular misconceptions that can save your marriage

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Purim Day - Discover the stories of modern day Hamans who were taken on Purim...on Schmooze Radio.  Also:

What can Purim teach us about the elusive search for Happiness?

Why do we need to celebrate the same holidays ever year?  Doesn't it get a little repetitive?!

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Why Should I celebrate Purim if my kids are all grown up? The Relevance of the Jewish Holiday of Purim to Adults of 2013 today. 

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Drones over US citizens-national security or invasion of privacy? A fascinating discussion into the ethic of privacy including:  Reading your spouses text messages; reading employee emails and gazing at your neighbors windows with binoculars in us and Jewish Law 

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Spiritual and entrpreneurial lessons from the Superbowl-from the Rabbi and the CEO 

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A real Jewish gypsy, live, talks about life as a gypsy and plays some traditional gypsy tunes that he is going to play at the Kravis Center next month 

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