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Part 1:
Beautiful stories from the famous mystic Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement and inspiration behind Schmooze Radio

Part 2:
An insightful analysis on the workings of a Jewish Court of Law, Beis Din by Dayan (Jewish Judge) Avrohom Shlomo




12/21/2014 CLICK HERE 

Part I: The deeper meaning of Chanukah and why this holiday is by far the most relevant and important to the struggles we face today as American Jews  Part II: From slavery to success- what the pathetic story of Joesph teaches about the secret pathway to success- surprisingly relevant and meaningful.  CLICK HERE



An encounter our forefather Jacob has with a stranger teaches us volumes about our role models and where we can reach.  Disturbing lack of privacy on Facebook teaches us a lesson int he service of G‑d
​How can we have Free Choice if G‑d already knows what we're going to do, before we do it?
A lively debate. Click Here


A member of our Shul, Robert K. Lifton, had the unusual opportunity to meet personally with unlikely associates such as the King of Jordan, Hafez al Assad (father of Bashar Assad of Syria, the King of Saudi Arabia and many more. Notable amongst them was President Hosni Mubarak who was very affectionate to him always. Join us as he shares with us the fascinating details of his extraordinary travels! Click Here



An unlikely candidate for Chabad tells his humorous and touching tale of how he ended up being a devoted Chabadnik without every changing his lifestyle. Click Here



So you just bought yourself a new Mercedes on Facebook or not?!
The Evil Eye: fact or fiction? And what can we do to protect ourselves from it?
Part 2: A discussion on the relevance of the Story of Noah and the Flood to our lives today.
How an archeological discovery of Noah's Ark on the same mountain the Torah says it rested, can hold the key to a stronger faith. Click Here
An exciting discussion on the first portion of the book of Genesis, covering the 
curse of Eve to be 'dominated by her husband' and the jewish view of the devil.
Also includes some thoughts on Ebola. Click Here

Yom kippur meditations that can make this holiday more meaningful and enjoyable this year. Including a convincing discussion on why one needs to go to Shul if G‑d is everywhere and the purpose of fasting on this holiday. Click Here 


Guest Gene Kroner talks about his recent trip to Israel writing with Sarel, a volunteer organization that supports Israeli soldiers in interesting ways


Recent miracles from the middle east leave no room for atheism 


Kabbalistic perspective on Anger

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We can all learn from Mandela


Creating your miracles




Visit Nazi Europe through the eyes of a survivor. Elliot Fixler was just a baby during WWII but the pain and tragedy he experienced was beyond belief. Seventy years later he visits his birthplace. Hear his story here 


A down to earth conversation with an African American Community Activist about the War in Israel-
You'll be amazed at how ignorant the public is to the facts- we might have the military edge, but we are certainly the underdog in the propoganda war!!!
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What's really going on with the Jewish Community in Ukraine 

with Ed Frankel who works very closely with the Tikvah Orphanage in Odessa

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Billionaire Donald sterling, owner of the LA Clippers was taken down by .... his own tongue! Jewish perspectives on the rewards and dangers of the tongue.

Last segment
Interview with Chabad Rabbi Dovie Shapiro of Flagstaff, Arizona and how they service the Jewish community of the grand canyon and its multitudes of visitors.

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Do Jews really believe in the Messiah?
Interesting mystical insights into the imminent anticipated arrival of the Moshiach, what will happen when he comes and what we can do about it



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Anti Semitism: Getting a better understanding on recent events in Ukraine and Kansas. How are we to respond?

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Pesach through the eyes of a recovering alcoholic. The Seder isn't just the story of our ancestors slavery; it is the story of our own struggles with our own addictons, bad habits, and personal failings. Mike Horwitz managed to use the lessons of the Seder to turn his life around, hear his inspirational story

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Part 1:

The History of the Jewish Community in Palm BeachCounty with Atotrney Gary Lesser, who lived here from the very beginning

Part 2:

Jewish Education with Sol Freedman

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The Rabbi and the CEO on the deeper meaning and spiritual relvance of Passover to us today




Interview of Sol Freedman  by Mitch Zachary 

Sol has spent his life giving to Jewish and Israel Causes 

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The historical and spiritual context that frames the suspense and drama of the purim story.

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Part One





Ukraine in Crisis: Live interview with Chief Rabbi of Odessa, Ukraine



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 Part Two



Conversation with Sol Freedman of PBG about the recent AIPAC Convention in

Washington DC

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Jewish pride in public places - What does it feel like to wear a yarmulke in public?

A powerful realisation of who is the real obstacle for your public Jewish expression


Am I bad Jew if I go to work on Shabbos?. The answer is derived from "Is it important for us to know the intricate details of the architecture of the temple. The Rabbi and the CEO discuss the Torah as a living book, a map of our lives, not just a historical text.  

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An interview with Rabbi Mordechai Ziev, of the Acsent of Shvat on the mystical city of Shvat the improtant work of motivating our soldiers. 

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The Rabbi and the CEO considered Antisemitism in Europe Today and how it defines Jewish Identity.

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Part One

The Rabbi and the CEO take on a trial lawyer in a lively debate about the monotheistic foundations of Judaism.

Part Two

Homegrown and Tattooed fascinating Journey of a lost young man finding meaning and purpose into his life through Chabad

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Scarlett Johannssenis being pressured by OXFAM and boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, to stop marketing for Sodastream, an Israeli company that employs both Jews and Arabs. Oxfam is funded by Coca Cola, a competitor of Sodastream.  The torah view on this is that accepting money when making a decision blinds the eyes of the wise and deviates the words of the righteous.  This is an interesting argument to giving charity to those underserving of it.

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A very controversial discussion on the role of women in traditional Judaism, directly addressing issues including gender separation in prayer, women leading the service and singing in front of men.


In honor of the annual Chabad Women's Leadership Convention this weekend with 3500 Rebbetzins from around the world in a powerful united front!

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This week Rabbi Dovid Vigler is joined with Ed Frankel
Ed Frankel built a company called Vitaquest International.  Topics discussed include:
Ariel Sharon - Soldier and Politician - What made him a good soldier perhaps led to his downfall as a politician.
Mr Robert Gates - written a book where spoke negatively about Obama - how this fits into Loshon Horah - slander
Is Edward Snowden a hero or villain. Mordechai Vaanunu

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Why is it okay to speak about charity and people listed who have given charity?  The word for wealth is the same word as a "tithe."  When you give, you ussually get back much more....

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What inspired Rabbi Dovid Vigler to become a rebbe?


Today Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson took over the leadership of the Lubavitch movement, Soon Lubavitch institutions and activities took on new dimensions. The outreaching philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch was translated into ever greater action, as Lubavitch centers and Chabad Houses were opened in dozens of cities and university campuses around the world. He taught that this world is the focus of creation.


The death of Ariel Sharon and his impact on Israeli Politics. His impact militarily as well.


Israel’s indomitable protector, Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics


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The trees were being planted friday at the new shul. The coiincidence with Tu Bishvat.

Rabbi's guest today, staff director of the three last house and senate committees, Franklin Silby. Mr Silby's impression of Ariel Sharon. Looking at the impact of his leadership on today, as well as the US politics with Israel. The US would like Israeli concessions today. Senator Kerry's approach and leverage in the Middle East has been reduced as he tries to fulfil his administrations goals in the Middle East. European Betrayal of Israel.

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What are you? What is your essence? What is your identity? How important is your identity as a jew? How do we define ourselves? We need to identify ourselves regardless of our environment. Our upcoming education course "to be a jew in the free world" - consider our history and how our identity as Jews has been affected over time..

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