The Schmooze Radio Archives 2015


8/31/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Part I: Reflections on the Jewish Community in South Africa after Rabbi Vigler's recent trip there
Part II: Riveting Political Analysis of the upcoming Congressional Vote on the Iran Deal and what you can do about it- with Washington Insider and Chabad Member Franklin R. Silbey

8/16/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Franklin R. Silbey is a highly respected and well connected Washington insider. He discusses the upcoming Congressional Vote on the Iran deal..

8/9/2015 - Part 1 CLICK HERE Part 2 CLICK HERE

8/2/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Seven relationship tips from the Torah that run contrary to the way we view relationships today...
Perhaps they can save ours too!

7/26/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
A basic guide to the fast of Tisha B'av the saddest date on the Jewish Calendar
What, who, when ,where and why.

7/19/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE

7/12/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Highlights of the Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens Mission to Israel 2015 including a VIP tour to the an IDF Military Base and more

7/5/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Live Broadcast from the Holy City of Safed (Tzfas) in the north of Israel. First Impressions of the Geopolitical and Spiritual Reflections of a first time visit to the Holy Land by our CEO Mitch Zachary. Rebbetzin Chana Vigler live in the Palm Beach Studio

6/21/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Interview with Hamutal ben Zeev, one of Israel's most celebrated songwriters with classics such as Latet, Kama Tov Shinifgashnu, Oleh Oleh and Amen. Many of which represented Israel in international singing competitions.

6/14/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
In a world governed by the laws of nature, does G‑d have any power?
Is anyone too evil to convert to Judaism?
When does Jewish Law allow abortion?

6/7/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
An unlikely source, the Triple Crown Horse Race Winner, taught America a very important Mitzvah this Week.
A lively discussion about the practicality and the meditation of Shabbat observance.​

5/31/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Rabbis Making Rules?!
How much of Judaism is just an invention of the Rabbis and why should I need to listen to their commandments?
A gloves-off debate on the reason rabbinical ban on eating chicken and milk eventhough the Torah prohibits just beef and milk.

5/3/2015 - Part 1 CLICK HERE Part 2 CLICK HERE
Part I:
One does not visit Jerusalem, one returns to her. This is one of her great mysteries' An animated discussion on Eli Wiesel's moving quote in honor of Jerusalem Day.
Part II: The rabbi and the (self professed) atheist talk faith and freedom

5/10/2015 - Part 1 CLICK HERE Part 2 CLICK HERE

Part 1: No smart person would dare offer an opinion about something whose context he is ignorant of. The Torah too has a very specific context which is critical for us to be aware of before we start quoting positions in the name of the Torah. Find out what these are:

Part 2:
Why you need to visit the Holy Land: Highlights of our Upcoming Mission to Israel next month

5/3/2015 - To Listen to CLICK HERE
A lively debate about the identity of the most important Jew since Moses

4/19/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
The Celebration of Israel's Independence Day with the National Anthem, Hatikvah, and how it contrasts with the Torah View on possession of the Holy Land, in the Grace after Meals, exposes the essence of the the spiritual struggles of Jewish identity in 2015

4/19/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Perspectives on Charity and Giving, with one of Palm Beaches most generous philanthropists.

4/12/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE

Part 1 - Reflections on a spiritually exhilarating Passover experience
Part 2 - How the Moshiach will impact our lives. You might be surprised, this ain't what you heard on the street

3/29/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE

How to make your Passover Seder more meaningful and relevant when everyone else around the table just wants to know when its time for the brisket!

Practical, down-to-earth tips peppered with some deep spiritual meditations that will get everyone thinking around the Seder table...

3/1/2015 - To Listen CLICK HERE

Finding answers to the struggles of the Jewish People and Iran from the timeless lessons of the Purim Story that we commemorate this week. And how it impacts our approach to Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial speech before Congress.

2/15/2015 - To Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 CLICK HERE

Part 1: A famous news anchor's scandalous lies on the news leads into an interesting conversation on when the Torah allows one to lie and when its not ok

Part 2: Responding to claims that Israel occupies land in the same way that Russia does. A simple and easy to understand approach.


2/1/2015 - To Listen to Part 1 and 2 CLICK HERE

Part I: What's the Jewish view on the superbowl?

Part II: Live musical show from a real jewish gyspy

1/25/2015 - To Listen to Part 1 CLICK HERE For Part 2 CLICK HERE

Part I: Bibi and Obama- friends or foes?

Part II: Who were you in a previous life? An ancient Kaballist's revelation about who our generation was in a previous lifetime reveals volumes about our purpose and mission on this earth!


1/18/2015 - To Listen to Part 1 CLICK HERE For Part 2 CLICK HERE

Part I: Destigmatizing mental health taboo in the Jewish community, with Clinical Director of the Jewish Family and Children's Services Dr. Elaine Rotenberg

Part II: Should Rabbi's carry guns, after the attacks in the kosher supermarket in Paris and in the chocolate shop in Sydney Australia. A lively and passionate debate bringing in Torah perspectives on gun control and self defense in dangerous times

1/11/2015 To Listen to Part 1 Click HERE For Part 2 CLICK HERE

Part I: Spiritual Reflections from the Recent Terror Attacks in Paris.
Part II: Challenge the limits of your ability to forgive: Could you forgive sexual abuse? terrorism? nazis? an emotional conversation that really gets you thinking...

1/4/2015 - To Listen Click Here

Part I: A Fascinating discussion on how a perplexing episode in Genesis gives us profound insight into our struggle to be Jews in an foreign culture.
Part II: Responding to a shocking claim that G‑d is a terrorist for having killed the firstborn babies in Egypt during the Exodus.