The Schmooze Radio Archives 2016


2/7/2016 - To Listen to Part 1 Click Here |  Part 2 Click Here
Part 1: Spiritual lessons from the Super Bowl to enrich and inspire him
Part 2: Why do Jews drink alcohol when they blessed each other? why do Jews place stones instead of flowers when visiting a grave?

1/31/2016 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Blind from birth, Michigan Supreme Court justice joins us live in the studio as he talks about how he overcomes challenges. A must-listen-to show to anyone facing difficulties

1/24/2016 - To Listen CLICK HERE
Coincidence or coordinated?
You be the judge on this great story..

1/3/2016 - To Listen CLICK HERE
A brilliant paradigm shift on fulfilling relationships through intimacy rather than sexuality with international lecturer and philosopher Manis Friedman