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Background Information About The Sunday Schmooze Radio
Separating fact from fiction and bubbemaasehs from the bottom line!

Listen to the best of the “Sunday Schmooze”, Jewish radio show in Palm Beach, Florida, featuring Rabbi Dovid Vigler and Mitch Zachary, as they separate fact from fiction and discuss the Jewish view on relevant cotemporary issues with stimulating conversation and engaging interviews, each Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am on Seaview Radio and is broadcast on 95.9FM and 106.9FM as well as 960AM. 

Since 2009, The Sunday Schmooze deals with contemporary Jewish issues, Jewish laws and customs, Israel and the Jewish views on the news. 

The radio show was born out of a desire to reach the vast majority of Jews in Palm Beach County who are unaffiliated, roughly eighty percent of the population! In a warm and unintimidating manner, these Jews are able to listen and participate in Jewish affairs and discussions.  

Feel free to call Rabbi Dovid Vigler at 561 6-CHABAD (624-2223) if you have any further questions or concerns. For Advertising or to be featured on the Sunday Schmooze please contact LapCom Communications below.


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