​These protocols have been formulated based on CDC guidelines and with the Chabad of Florida. They have been developed and customized to the needs and nuances of our community in consultation with Drs. Robert D. Burke, Rob Briskin, Ron Collins and Jack Waterman, all prominent physicians in our community. 

As we cautiously reopen the Shul, only people who feel comfortable to attend should do so. No one should feel obligated to come, we do understand your reservations. We have consulted with our medical professionals who have advised us that a conservative approach to opening based on the protocols  outlined below will provide our congregation with a path towards normalcy and enable us to regain and maintain  our spiritual connection to our faith safely. In fact, the Shul is a safer environment than restaurants since protective masks can’t be worn while eating, while they can be worn at Shul at all times. However, we want to make it clear that your entrance to the Shul is at your own risk. The Shul assumes no responsibility. 

effective June 10, 2020

  • All foods will be prepackaged aside for those that will be served by a masked and gloved waitress. Though the food will be set up inside the Shul, it must be eaten outside only. When outdoors, masks are not necessary but social distancing is critical during this time.

  • Any children that can social distance may attend Shul

  • Anyone throwing candies at the Bar-Mitzvah boy must wash hands prior to throwing candies

Safety Protocols for 
Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens- May 29, 2020

  • Anyone who has been exposed to someone with coronavirus in the past 14 days should stay away from Shul until 14 days have passed.
  • Anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness, especially coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath, muscle pain, loss of taste and smell or sore throat, should refrain from attending for at least 8 days after symptoms cease entirely. We strongly encourage them to seek medical care and be tested where appropriate.We encourage you to consult with your medical professional if you have any doubt as to whether you should be attending
  • Protective masks must be worn at all times while inside the Shul.Masks must be worn in the proper manner at all times as follows: Cover nose and mouth at all times and avoid touching your face with hands whenever possible.Please bring your own masks as our supply is limited.
  • No physical contact including handshakes. 
  • A mandatory 6 foot distancing must take place between each person (not living in the same household) at all times. At this stage, we will be allowing a maximum of 40 people into the Shul at any one time. Once we have reached this capacity, the guard at the door will not be allowing anyone else to enter.
  • People are asked to refrain as much as possible from touching frequent-touch surfaces. As such Kippahs, ladies head coverings, Prayer books, chumashim and taleisim will not be available from the book shelf. You need to bring your own books, kippahs and taleisim and leave them on the table provided. Books are available for purchase from the Shul office.
  • Please refrain from kissing the Mezuzah.
  • We encourage you to use paper towels when handling faucets or flushing the toilet
  • Aliyahs: There will only be one person on the Bimah at any time. People honored with Aliyahs will make their blessings without leaving their seat.
  • The Torah reader will bring the Torah from the Ark, lift the Torah for Hagbah and return it to the Ark.
  • The Torah will be brought straight to the Bimah and back to the Ark. Please refrain from kissing the Torah with your lips rather, with your heart.
  • Kiddush: Kiddush will be outdoors as in the June 10 Safety Protocols update.  The water fountain will be closed but we will have individual water bottles available.
  • Cleaning: We will be increasing our cleaning of the Shul and disinfecting all surfaces after each service.
  • Children: Any children that can excersize social distancing may attend Shul.
  • For the safety and consideration of all, members of our Shul with the usher tag on their lapel will be trained in enforcing these protocols and we reserve the right to ask anyone to immediately vacate the Shul if there is any violation of these safety protocols.
  • We ask everyone to please clean their hands with water and soap and/or hand sanitizer at the washing station upon entering the Shul as well as frequently through the service. 

This is a fluid protocol and subject to change without notice.

Together we can do this! By following these protocols, we can stand together and still do so safely.

We look forward to reuniting together as one, with each other and with our G‑d in our spiritual home. 

Rabbi Dovid & Chana Vigler 

Medical Advisory Board: Drs. Robert D. Burke, Robert Briskin, Ron Collins and Jack Waterman