In response to the elevated anxiety that our community has experienced over the past two years of the pandemic, we are embarking on a deeply meaningful and spiritual project that will not only keep us closer together but will also serve as a powerful spiritual protection.

When a plague hit the town of Mezibuz, Ukraine 270 years ago, the saintly Baal Shem Tov urged the townspeople to write a new Torah

It’s based on the prophetic verse in the book of Daniel:

As soon as they began writing the Torah, healing began to spread throughout all the participants.

As such, we are preparing to write a brand new community Torah which we will begin writing at the cocktail party of this year’s gala.

We encourage every community member to dedicate a letter, verse or portion for the safety and protection of themselves and their families.

We will work closely with each person to select the most appropriate passage for them and their families.

On March 14th, 2023 we will complete the Torah with joy and great fanfare at the Safer Torah Finale Fete.

We look forward to a community project of 100% participation ensuring that every single member of the Shul has a portion in this Torah.

A Safer Torah for A Safer world!