Advantages of our Cemetery

Assistance with all the funeral arrangements

Jewish Cemetery accordingly to the highest standards of Jewish Law

Proximity to Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens

Remain close to loved ones and the Chabad community

Dignity and equality with uniform monuments

Peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones well in advance of a crises

Prices significantly below market value

A Blessing for Long Life


In Jewish tradition, purchasing a plot in a traditional Jewish burial place is a blessing for longevity!

One explanation for this is: there is an important directive in the Torah, "El Ha'afar Tashuv", which instructs us that one is to be buried in the ground. To fulfill a mitzvah one needs to be alive, so this directive is fulfilled by buying a cemetery plot in a traditional Jewish cemetery during your lifetime. This mitzvah is so important that it carries with it the reward of long life! In fact, one of the first things our ancestors did when immigrating to any country was to form a burial society.