Dear Friends,

As a community, we celebrate many important events in our families' lives. We rejoice with each other at baby namings and circumcisions, welcome children on the first day of Hebrew School, rejoice at Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, birthdays, weddings and mourn together when loved ones pass on. We are a family and no member of our community is ever alone, especially when dealing with the passing of a loved one.

The soul's return to heaven is dependent upon the body's return to the ground.  That is what the Prophet means when he says, "The dust returns to the earth..." and the spirit returns to G‑d who gave it." Jewish Law is therefore concerned with the immediacy of burial and the return of the body to its natural elemental state.

Mausoleums are forbidden since they retard the process of return to the earth.

Cremation is certainly forbidden as it is the harshest form of indignity to the body and a pagan ritual that denies the very existence of Almighty G‑d.

The only acceptable burial is directly in the ground, with family members and friends helping to fill the grave completely until a mound of earth is formed over the grave. No means to technically sustain the body via embalming is permitted.

We invite you to purchase your plots in our Chabad Cemetery which maintains the highest standards of Jewish law, ensuring that we are together in this world, and together in the next.

May we all merit long, healthy, happy lives and merit the coming of Moshiach when those that rest in the earth will awaken and sing.

With Torah greetings and blessings,

Rabbi Dovid & Chana Vigler