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  • 12-27-09:
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    From Picante and Pinatas to Purim, Polkes and Passover- hear the fascinating interview with Marco Polo Nunez, from Guadalahara, now Rabbi Moshe Nunez of Brooklyn NY. How a son of a christian priest found his way to becoming a rabbi. We also hear some of his music on this live studio interview from NY.
  • 12-20-09: Click here to listen
    The age of the universe: reconciling the Torah view of 5770 years with the Scientific caluclation of 16 billion years. Also, an exclusive interview with Rabbi Avrohom Vigler, Rabbi Dovid Vigler's father, of South Africa concerning the Jeiwsh Community in Zimbabwe!

  • 12-13-9: Click here to listen
    The Chanukah Edition: A story of a Chanukah Candle in the concentration camps, the meaning of Zion and what it means to be a Hebrew...

  • 12-6-9: Click here to listen
    The fascinating story of why the miracle of Chanukah is thanks to a woman! Also- why is the Shabbat observed on the seventh day?

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    The inside story of Chanukah and what Jews believe about hell...

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  • 11-1-09- Live Interview with Rabbi Doubeer Goldberg of Paris, the first civilian to enter the Chabad House in Mumbai after last year's attacks- Click here to listen.

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  • 9-27-2009- Erev Yom Kippur: Click here to listen

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