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The Sunday Schmooze

Separating fact from fiction and bubbemaasehs from the bottom line!

The Power of Thinking

The journey to a new you begins with just one thought. Ideas have changed the world, why cant they do the same to you? 

Overcoming Fears

Beyond just facing your fears, the Torah gives us practical tools to neutralize your fears that you can use anytime anywhere. 

The Sunday Schmooze

1200px-BernardKerik.JPGGerald Rivera.jpg

 Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik joins Rabbi Dovid Vigler and Mitch to talk Pittsburgh shootings and lessons he learned from Israel, followed by Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera talking free speech, hate speech and his Jewish roots. LISTEN HERE

Response to the Pittsburgh Shooting

This morning on Schmooze Radio, we dedicated our entire show to Solidarity with Pittsburgh. We spoke to Mayor of Palm Beach Gardens Maria Marino about fighting darkness with lightDave Barkey from the ADL about hate crimes in the USA and an emotional conversation with Rabbi Mordy Rudolph of Chabad of Pittsburgh about what is happening there in real time. The show ended with an uplifting and inspiring message of hope and courage for the future.

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How to deal with our fears

Rabbi Vigler and Mitch discuss the Jewish approach to dealing with our fears and then check back with the Chabad Rabbis supporting the victims of Hurricane Michael.

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Helping the victims of Hurricane Michael

Rabbi Vigler and Mitch discuss the origin of “abortion”. Later they are joined by the Chabad Rabbis who helped the victims of Hurricane Michael.

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Lessons Learned from Vacation and more

Rabbi Vigler and Mitch are back discussing the lessons learned from vacations, the World Cup, and the heroic Thailand cave rescue.

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A Kabbalistic discussion with the director of the Tzfat Kaballah Center on Schmooze Radio

5985231-5474.jpgRabbi Vigler hosts Rabbi Eyal Reiss, Director of the Tzfat Kabbalah Center, in a deep discussion about the life lessons of Kabbalah, followed by a Summer Schmooze rewind featuring Alan Hoffman of the Jewish Agency in Israel.

Listen Here

Fathers Day Special: Featuring Rabbi Tuvia Teldon

unnamed-1.jpgIn this Father's Day special Rabbi Dovid Vigler is joined by his father, Rabbi Avraham Vigler of South Africa, followed by a deeply personal conversation with the Chief Chabad-Lubavitch representative on Long Island Rabbi Tuvia Teldon about balancing his faith with the loss of his own child.

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Pro-Israel Arab journalist on Schmooze Radio

Rabbi Vigler opens with Kabbalah and Talmud to interpret Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's suicides.

IMG_4478.jpgHe is then joined by Fred Maroun. Fred is a Canadian of Arab origin who lived in Lebanon until 1984, including during 10 years of civil war. He supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and supports a liberal and democratic Middle East where all religions and nationalities, including Palestinians, can co-exist in peace with each other.   

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Fundraising For A Luxury Jet

Rabbi Vigler and Mitch discuss fundraising for a luxury jet as well as how we are impacted by recent controversial celebrity speeches and comments.

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Hamutal Ben Zeev & Rabbi Yitzchok Schmukler

Hamutal Ben Zeev.jpgRabbi Vigler and Mitch discuss the Santa Fe, Texas shootings with Rabbi Yitzchok Schmukler of Texas followed by world renown Israeli composer and performer Hamutal Ben Zeev in the studio.

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Hadassah Lieberman

HFL High Resolution Photo copy.jpgHadassah Lieberman shares her views on Life, the Vice Presidential run and Motherhood.

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Rabbi Zalman Kravitz: Jews for Judaism

Zalman_Headshot.jpgRabbi Vigler and Rabbi Zalman Kravitz of Jews for Judaism discuss "What happens when Jews forget the First Commandment"

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Governor Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee copy.jpgRabbi Vigler and Mitch welcome Governor Mike Huckabee and share his strong support of Israel.

Listen HERE 

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