Rabbi Dovid
Rabbi & Co-Founder
(Steering Committee)

[email protected]
561-624-2223 ext 6

Raised in South Africa and educated in some of the finest Yeshivas in Israel, England, New York, and Australia, Rabbi Dovid Vigler strives to share the beauty and depth of Judaism in a clear, conversational and down-to-earth manner. Whether in private counseling, relatable sermons, weekly email broadcasts or in his popular Torah classes on social media, he reaches out to every Jew with unconditional love, patience, and compassion. His inspirational talks and uplifting messages can be found on YouTube.com/JewishGardens and Facebook.com/JewishGardens

Rebbetzin Chana Vigler 
Rebbetzin & Co-Founder
(Steering Committee)

[email protected]
561-624-2223 ext 7

Having studied in Italy, Israel, and New York, and fluent in five languages, Rebbetzin Chana brings a rare blend of eclectic and sophisticated taste, motivational speaking talent, and a warm personality to her service as the powerful visionary behind our dynamic community. In addition to serving as Co-Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Shul, she takes great pride in inspiring women around the globe in making Judaism fashionable, relevant and relatable through her exquisite holiday tablescapes. elegant Jewish hospitality, spiritual meanings behind our customs and traditions as well as candid family moments that she shares regularly on her social media profiles. Her greatest pride however, is being mother to her beautiful children who are mini leaders in their own rights. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram @JudaismInStyle


Estee Stoneman
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

[email protected]
561-624-2223 ext 4

Estee has run the office of our busy Chabad House for over nine years. Radiating grace and elegance, she is the first person you’ll meet when you visit or call the Shul. Managing the Shul is no easy task, but Estee’s organizational skills, cool temperament, and commitment to make us thrive make it look easy!


Rachel Riger
Events Coordinator

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Rachel has a passion for expressing her creativity. She started that passion by opening her business working with balloons. What started off as a small side business, expanded and brought her to Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Rachels expertise in party planning has led her to this role at Chabad where there is always a party to celebrate! Rachel is committed to designing and executing lavish events to help us celebrate all our simchas in high style and with pizzazz!


Rabbi Yisroel Uzvolk
Co-Director of Youth Programming

[email protected]
561-624-2223 ext 8

Rabbi Yisroel Uzvolk was raised as “the rabbi’s son” in Victory Park Hebrew congregation in Johannesburg and has been involved in Jewish education since his earliest youth. He is a dynamic and dedicated youth director known for his vibrant energy, creative approach, and passionate commitment to nurturing the next generation. With a wealth of knowledge and a heart for mentorship, he strives to empower young minds on next generation of proud, knowledgeable Jews. Rabbi Uzvolk also serves as the Rabbi for the local Jewish day school - Meyer Prep.


Rebbetzin Raizy Uzvolk
Co-Director of Youth Programming

[email protected]
561-624-2223 ext 5

Rebbetzin Raizy Uzvolk was raised in London where her family leads the prestigious Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue, the largest Shul in Europe. With a passion for nurturing the next generation, she brings a blend of warmth, wisdom, and creativity to our youth programming. With her exceptional organizational skills and her warm, patient, and non-judgmental personality, she ensures that the planning of youth activities is structured and organized.

Rabbi Leibel Krinsky
(Steering Committee)

Rabbi Leibel serves as Chazzan of the Shul each Shabbos, inspiring the community with meaningful melody and soul-stirring tunes. Rabbinically certified and with a strong background in Torah studies, Rabbi Leibel is the perfect associate Rabbi and a strong support and asset to the Shul. Together with his sons, he brings beauty to our Bimah. He also serves as a hospice chaplain for MorseLife where he focuses his time on the elderly ensuring that they are surrounded with dignity and love.


Rebbetzin Sara Krinsky

Hebrew School Curriculum Director
(Steering Committee)

With a Triple Masters Degree in education, Sara oversees the curriculum and program of the Chabad Hebrew School. In addition, she has gained an avid following of women who thoroughly enjoy her women’s classes on zoom and in person.



Michael Paolercio
Executive Director & Fundraising Chair
(Steering Committee)

Few are as committed to the success and smooth functioning of the Shul as Michael Paolercio, a living legend in our midst. Between serving as Chairman of our annual Trump International Chabad Golf Classic and the Shul’s Finance and Fundraising Committee, Michael spends days and nights ensuring that our Shul will shine, quite literally, as a light in the community!

Shelly Paolercio
Kiddush Committee Chair
(Steering Committee)

Born in Detroit, Shelly surmounts every challenge as she leads the Shul's Kiddush Committee with grace and elegance, creating a beautiful, delicious and nutritious Kiddush every single Shabbos and Holiday at the Shul. With patience and expertise she can customize each Kiddush to suit the taste and budget of each Kiddush sponsor. Her charm and compassion have earned her the love of the community as she makes our Shul the "it" destination in the area!

Steve Sandberg
Ritual Committee Chair
(Steering Committee)

[email protected]

It’s no easy task making sure that everyone is recognized for their special occasions and milestones in Shul. With finesse, Steve heads up the Shul Ritual Committee, making each Shabbos and Holiday Service a professional operation, down to the smallest details. If you need an aliyah, please let Steve know.


Mickey Gottlieb
(Steering Committee)

From the very first High Holidays that Chabad opened its doors in Palm Beach Gardens in 2006, Mickey was always there. Whether to change a light bulb or lead on the Bimah in weekly Torah services, Mickey serves as Shul President with his inimitable warmth and friendliness. His leadership ensures that no one ever enters our Shul without an authentic and warm "Shalom Aleichem."

Marc Linsky
Vice President
(Steering Committee)

With 15 years of experience in building the Chabad of Cherry Hill, NJ from humble beginnings to be the flourishing Jewish center it is today, Marc brings a unique blend of experience, passion and vision to our Shul. His warm and friendly personality coupled with his professional background as a Certified Financial Planner helps us grow not only the heart and soul of our community but its financial foundation as well.

Mollie Linsky
LiLi Leadership Committee Co-Chair
(Steering Committee)

With her diverse experience as both a nurse and a financial executive, Mollie is a true example of a Lady in Leadership. Her selfless nature has led her to be involved in many charities and boards including a fifteen-year-strong connection to Chabad that began in Cherry Hill, NJ. But beyond all her accolades, her proudest achievement is the beautiful family that she created together with her husband Marc, who have become joyful grandparents. Her get-it-done attitude is perfect for our Ladies in Leadership liaison.

David Saperstein
Young Families Chair
(Steering Committee)

With a strong background in finance and business management, David and his family bring fresh ideas and well balanced perspectives to the table in caring for the needs and concerns of the young families in our community.


Robert Berger
Daily Minyan Chair

Ever since his father passed away at ninety nine years old, Rob made a pledge to honor his memory at the daily minyan. His solemn commitment turned into a blessing as he found the thought provoking study and warm camaraderie, so much more appealing than he ever envisioned. Rob’s natural leadership skills coupled with his excellent sense of humor have helped us create a strong daily minyan each morning, enabling the wider community to say Kaddish and sharing the gift of meaningful Torah study with hundreds of guests and local residents.


Jay & Stefani Marmer
Memorial Committee Chair

Our Shul’s purchase of a cemetery on Northlake Boulevard has provoked deep and meaningful conversation with many of our members. Drawing from years of experience as a financial adviser coupled with Stefani’s natural warmth and charm, Jay and Stefani will patiently guide you through this deeply personal decision.


Elaine Collins
Ahavas Yisroel Committee Chair

Beloved throughout the community for her compassion and empathy, Elaine has just what it takes to provide assistance, on all levels, for those in need in our community.


Linda Stoch
LiLi Committee Co-Chair

With a reputation for making things happen in both the political and Jewish community, Linda is a force to be reckoned with. Though she was appointed by Florida Governor to the Governor’s Mansion Commission, her powerful Jewish convictions ensure that she dedicates her love and attention to the growth of the Jewish Community as well. We are empowered by her ‘can-do’ approach. When Linda is on the case, you can consider it done!


Kathy Rensin
LiLi Committee Co-Chair & Friday Night LIVE Chair

Kathy has spent nearly her entire life as a giver, founding three learning disabilities programs in the DC area and dedicating much of her time to helping prevent domestic violence. She is also an accomplished designer and space planner. Her compassion coupled with her creativity serve as the perfect blend to lead the fabulous Ladies in Leadership Initiative at our Shul! Kathy found her way to Chabad through the Friday Night LIVE events and is committed to helping so many others like her to find the same love and warmth that she did through this wonderful program.


Howard Rensin
Legal Committee Chair

A skilled trial lawyer, Howard was aided only by his wife Kathy as they single handedly built their Washington DC area law firm to a powerhouse that handled over 13,000 cases by the time he retired. Inspired by his father’s love of Yiddish, Howard then chose to channel his passion into his Jewish heritage. We are grateful for his leadership in advice in matters that the Shul has to deal with.


Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf
Honorary Gala Chair

Marcia’s reputation as an extraordinarily generous educational philanthropist precedes her wherever she goes around the world. In our community she is lovingly known for making dreams come true through her tenacity, vision and unusually kind heart. A balebuste par excellence, when Marcia throws a party, you don’t want to miss it.


Odette Schwartz
Honorary Gala Chair

‘A hostess with the mostest’, Odette knows how to throw an elegant party! With a flair for beautiful things, she takes great pride in being Honorary Chair of our Annual Gala, Chabad’s premiere event of the season.


Robert D. Burke, MD
Golf Co-Chair

As a respected businessman with a sterling reputation, Rob’s professionalism, methodical planning, and patient disposition are key to making a massive undertaking like the annual golf day look like a walk in the park.


Irv Sparage
Golf Co-Chair

An avid golfer who gives up golf only in order to come to Shul, Irv’s influence and business prowess coupled with his generous and kind nature has helped steer our annual golf charity to astonishing heights.


Sandi Reiken
Bereavement Group Counselor

Dr. Sandi Reiken has been recognized as one of New Jersey’s leading psychotherapists by Psychology Today Magazine. She has practiced clinical psychotherapy for the past 40 years. She received her doctorate from Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, California and a Masters in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Yeshiva University. In addition to her private practice she volunteers to run a bereavement group at Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens which is open to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. 




Garrett Ellberger
Men's Club President

Born in New York City, Garrett graduated cum laude from the Stern School of Business at NYU and earned his M.B.A. from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. His education and years of experience in a variety of industries were all unknowingly part of a plan to eventually become the President of the Men’s Club here at Chabad Palm Beach Gardens!


Daniel Gikher
Men's Club Chair

Having discovered his own remarkable spiritual journey through a random encounter with the Rabbi at a gas station on a Saturday night, Dan understands the importance of connecting our fellow Jews, even those who seem so far, with their Yiddishkeit through our Shul. A successful holistic wealth manager in his own practice, Dan is passionate about growing our Men's Club to include even more of our local brethren with exciting events, great food and booze, and interesting speakers, all in a spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

Elan Rafael
Security Co-Chair

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Elan is an attorney and manages his own law firm specializing in criminal defense and personal injury in his own law firm. He successfully litigated some of the most high profile criminal defense cases in Maryland. His extensive experience of representing criminals for over 20 years has given him a keen sense of intuition, perspective and understanding of the criminal mind. Having his own family present in our Shul gives him added skin in the game to protect our community.


Talya Ruch
Security Co-Chair

Having lived on three continents and in four countries, Talya now calls Gardens home. She is the Program Director for the Holocaust Learning Experience at MorseLife but before turning her attention to fighting anti-Semitism and improving community security, she protected and served Florida's elderly as a nursing home administrator. Talya is no stranger to security and has developed several emergency management plans and security policies relating to community disasters. Don't let Talya's delicious homemade challah and broad smile fool you, she is a Martial Arts student and Self Defense instructor.


Korina Nadel
Shul Orientation Instructor

Raised in a very traditional home in Cleveland, Ohio, Kori loves teaching Jewish culture and tradition in her popular Shul Orientation Seminar (SOS). Her patience and passion in these ongoing seminars have helped 
many newcomers to the Shul feel comfortable and welcome.



Sophia Riger
Auction Chair

Born in Riga, Latvia and raised in Canada, Sophia knows how to help people fulfill their dreams. A top real estate producer, she loves to help people find their dream homes. Sophia has tremendous experience with negotiating with corporations both large and small to donate their services and goods to benefit charitable Jewish organizations.




Nancy Wiesenfeld
Yiddish Instructor

Nancy Wiesenfeld was born in Philadelphia and her first language is Yiddish. She’s been translating for her bubbe since she was 5 years old. Nancy speaks 5 languages Yiddish, French, Hebrew, Spanish and German. She has been a teacher, translator (in courtrooms, hospitals, and schools) for over 35 years. She was also a high school tri-lingual guidance counselor and supervisor of student teachers.


Felice Zachary
Mahjongg & Games Coordinator

Felice’s love of mahjongg began even before she was born when her parents met during a mahjongg game in Rockaway NY. She’s been playing over 20 years and loves not just the game, but the camaraderie and the bonding experience it provides for the women. Felice loves to teach beginners how to play as she lovingly nurtures the mahjongg games at the Shul each Tuesday at 1 pm, and at the Golf Charity event.