Morah Raizy Uzvolk
Hebrew School Co-Director

Teacher of Tinoki class (ages 0-3)

Morah Raizy was educated in some of the best  teaching seminaries in Israel and New York and has taught classes of all ages in top Hebrew schools across England, Israel, New York, Iowa and now Florida.
With a creative and organized education mindset, Morah Raizy aims to give every student individual and personalized attention and care, leading each one to reach their potential.



Rabbi Yisroel Uzvolk
Hebrew School Co-Director

Teacher of Bnei Mitzvah class (ages 12-14)

With plenty of experience in education and a tremendous passion to pass on the torch of Jewish pride and knowledge, Rabbi Yisroel's mission is to teach all Jewish children without distinction about their rich Jewish heritage  in the most fun and memorable way.
Rabbi Yisroel enthralls Chabad Hebrew school students with interactive Jewish workshops and presentations and memorable practical classes.



Morah Sara Krinsky
Curriculum Designer

In addition to her 17 years of educational experience, Morah Sara Krinsky holds a triple masters degree in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education.
For Morah Sara, being an educator is her utmost joy and passion.
Her goals in Jewish education are clear: “I want my students to love G-D and Judaism while making it practical and relevant in every part of their lives!”