Join Chabad and see the world! It is our distinct pleasure to invite you on this most extraordinary exploration of Jewish Italy. Not only is it a walk through Jewish time and history, but we will have the opportunity of getting to meet a number of our relatives who are currently community leaders around Italy, seeing Italy through the lens of Chabad.


Jewish Italy Trip

Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens

May 18-25, 2020


Off-the-beaten path tour of Jewish Italy

Led by Rabbi Dovid & Chana Vigler


Monday, May 18: Roma


Welcome dinner at Ristorante Bella Carne in the Ancient Jewish Ghetto


Followed by a horse-drawn Carriage tour to encompass City Highlights including the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Teatro Marcello, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Venezia. 


Carriage Tours


Overnight: Hotel Chapter Roma


Brand new boutique hotel inside the Jewish Ghetto, opened in March 2019




Tuesday, May 19: Roma


Morning Tour of Ancient Rome: 

Discover the majesty of the Eternal City with a visit to the heart of the Ancient City, one of the most important archaeological areas in the world.  

A walk along the Via Sacra, the main street of the Roman Forum, will take you deep in the heart of Ancient Rome.  Visit the infamous Arch of Titus, built to commemorate the victory over Judea and the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple. Learn about the famous Flavian conquest and discover where the holy Jerusalem Temple vessels were displayed for over 115 years!

Enter the famed Colosseum, the symbol of Rome, where gladiator fights took place. The Flavian Amphitheatre, financed by the spoils from the Jewish revolt, was the largest amphitheater ever built by the Roman Empire.


Tour of the Jewish Ghetto:

  • Jewish Museum
  • Great Synagogue of Rome 
  • Sephardi Synagogue 
  • Former Ghetto area

Today, the Jewish Quarter is one of the top destinations for any informed traveler; each corner is a gateway to the past and a story as expressive as any Italian. When you visit the center of the Ancient City and enjoy one of the most touching and lively districts of Rome.

You will discover the history and traditions of one of the oldest Jewish communities in Western Europe. The Jewish community of Rome has an unbroken legacy spanning over 2,200 years. Arriving during the time of the Second Jerusalem Temple, the Jews of Rome have seen the rise and fall of the Ancient Romans, the Ghetto, the Papal State, Fascism, and more. 

Image result for great synagogue rome

You will have some free time to shop and choose your dinner destination.


Overnight: Hotel Chapter Roma




Wednesday, May 20: Roma/Firenze


Your choice: 

Underground Jewish Catacombs: The Catacombs of Rome are former underground burial grounds that date from the second to the fifth century and were principally used by Christians and Jews. The catacombs are subterranean passageways that were used as place of burial for a number of centuries. 


Or Learn some Authentically Italian techniques to construct the perfect meal ‘al Italiano’ in this exclusive Kosher Italian cooking class 




First Class Train from Rome - Florence

(Luggage will be sent by private van)


Florence: San Lorenzo Market

Mercato di San Lorenzo by Giuseppe Moscato CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Including Florence’s world-famous hand made leather market

Start your visit to the San Lorenzo Market by discovering the outdoor section of the market, which runs along several streets surrounding the Mercato Centrale. File between the hundreds of stalls on either side of the street with vendors selling pottery, clothing, notebooks, souvenirs and various leather goods including bags, belts, wallets and jackets. This is a great place to find gifts to bring back to your friends and family without burning a hole in your wallet because vendors stock a variety of things ranging in prices from 2 euros for a bracelet or Florentine magnet to hundreds for a leather jacket.


7pm Special Dinner with Chabad of Florence’s brand new Kosher restaurant


Overnight: Regency Hotel Florence

5 star luxury hotel

  • Hotel Regency, Florence, Hotel Entrance

  • _________________________________________________________________


Thursday, May 21: Firenze


Jewish Florence tour 


Introduction to Florence history and visit the beautiful Synagogue and Jewish Museum. 



Walking tour to the city center to discover the unexpected presence of Jewish history in some of the most famous landmarks such as Duomo area (outdoor) and Baptistery’s ‘Gates of Paradise’ where stories of the Bible come to life.


Piazza della Repubblica where the ghetto stood until late XIX Century when it was demolished


Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio area where ‘Via dei Giudei’ (the ‘Jews’ street’) was.  





Tuscan Truffle Hunt



Starting in the village of Ghizzano, with Massimo and his truffle finding dogs, you’ll walk deep into the beautiful forests of Tuscany to find these incredibly prized nuggets. This is not a trek and suitable for all ages.


Bring the truffles you found to the restaurant and we’ll exalt their flavor in typical local recipes: truffle antipasti, hand made pasta sautéed in truffle butter and more!


Cantina Kosher Winery tour, Authentic Tuscan Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting 


Overnight: Regency Hotel Florence



Friday, May 22: Venezia


First-class train Florence - Venice


Lunch & Free Time in Venice 


Venice Jewish tour:

Venice hosted the first Ghetto in the world. Meet your guide at Ghetto and start your tour with a visit to four out of the five ancient synagogues in Venice. See some different architectural styles from different provenances. Visit the Jewish Museum and learn about the rich Venetian Jewish heritage and the first two Jewish Ghettos in the world. Learn about famous personages of the ghetto, about its music and see where it all started. Be a voyager in time, through all the periods of this place and pay a visit to the first official bank in the world.


Friday Night Services with the Venetian Chabad Community in the heart of Ghetto Ebraico

Shabbos Dinner on the Venetian canal at Gam Gam- the most famous Kosher restaurant in the world. 


Overnight: Boutique Venice Hotel


Image result for gam gam venice

A taste of Jewish Venice:




Shabbos, May 23: Venezia


Shabbat Services at the Levantine Synagogue, Constructed by the Jews who came from the Eastern Mediterranean between 1538 and 1561, it is probably the only one that has kept nearly all its original features and has the only noteworthy exterior, with its two simple and severe facades interrupted by three orders of windows and the polygonal niche (a typical feature of Venetian architecture)


Shabbat Lunch at Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant



Shabbat Afternoon Venezia Walking Tour


What a way to explore Venice! Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel and together head towards both the highlighted and the hidden spots of Venice. Start with your hotel lobby. Explore a Palace on the Grand Canal. Learn about the family to whom it belonged, how they became wealthy and strong in a city like Venice. Continue with the Grand Canal, with a view from the rooftop terrace and learn how Venice is really built. From there, the Rialto Bridge, where Venice was born, and continue enjoying a stroll off the beaten track into the backyard of Venice where you’ll end up in St. Mark’s Square, the place made to impress both nobles and commoners.


Overnight: Boutique Venice Hotel




Sunday, May 24: Milano


First Class Train Venice - Milan


Visit one of the only buildings in Italy given exclusive permission to reface its facade to replicate 770, Chabad World Headquarters, currently the home to Italy’s Chief  Chabad Rabbi, Chana’s grandparents

La casa 770 in via Carlo Poerio 35. E' la copia dell'abitazione originale del rabbino Schneerson a Brooklyn; altre se ne trovano in Canada, Brasile, Argentina, Cile, Australia, Ucraina, Israele.


Off the beaten path: Exclusive lunch on the Terrazzo Hazzan with Rabbi Avraham and Rivkie Hazan who have been serving as Shluchim to Italy for over 40 years: Hear all the details of how Chabad of Italy began, where it all started and how the Jews of Italy live today.


Shopping on one of Milan’s most exclusive streets: Corso Vercelli


Visit the Chabad soup kitchen


Farewell dinner at Bet Chabad Milano with Chana’s extended family telling us the inside story of Jewish life in Italy. 


Overnight: Hotel Marriott Milano

Tour ends Sunday night after dinner. (Sunday night Hotel included)




Tour Highlights:



Hotel Chapter Roma- 2 nights

Regency Hotel Florence- 2 nights

Boutique Hotel Venice- 2 nights

Hotel Marriott Milano- 1 night

All Breakfasts

Welcome Dinner at Bellacarne Ristorante, Roma- Monday 

Firenze Dinner- Wednesday

Cantina Giuliana Winery Dinner, Tuscany- Thursday

Friday Night Dinner on the Venezia Canal- Friday

Lunch at Gam Gam, Venezia - Shabbos day

Lunch at Terazzo Hazan, Milano- Sunday

Farewell Dinner at Bet Chabad Milano- Sunday




Jewish Ghetto

Trevi Fountain, 

Spanish Steps, 

Teatro Marcello, 

Piazza Navona, 

Jewish Museum

Great Synagogue of Rome

Sefardic Synagogue


Campo dei Fiori

Piazza Venezia

Ancient Rome 

Via Sacra, the main street of the Roman Forum, 

Arch of Titus


Roman Forums

The Flavian Amphitheatre

Underground Rome: Jewish Catacombs



San Lorenzo word famous Leather and hand-made goods Market

Great Synagogue of Florence & Jewish Museum

The Duomo

Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio ‘Via dei Giudei’ 

Baptistery’s Gates of Paradise

Piazza dela Republica



Ghetto Ebraico

Scola Grande Tedesca

Scola Canton

Scola Italiana

Scola Levantina

Spanish Synagogue

Grand Canal

Rialto Bridge

St. Mark’s Square



Terrazzo Hazan

Bet Chabad Milano

770 in Milan

Corso Vercelli



Pre-Tour Italian Crash Course with Rebbetzin Chana 

Horse Drawn Carriage tour of Ancient Rome by night

Al dente Italian Cooking class and tasting- Rome

Tuscan Truffle hunt and tasting

Tuscan Kosher Winery tour and tasting

Chabad Soup Kitchen


Price: $3850 per person sharing


Deposit: 50% (must be paid in full by the end of January, 2020)

If paying with credit card there is a 3% processing fee


Limited Spots available: RSVP 561.624.2223 or [email protected]

All payments are non refundable